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January 18, 2007 by Dave Haynes

This off the wires …

With the ongoing demand for Digital Signage surging, the International Quality and Productivity Center is planning to host a first of its kind event in the market presenting back-to-back case studies.

Digital Signage 2007 is to be held at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, California from March 26-28, 2007.

IQPC hosts 1,500 global events and strives to keep the business executives fully apprised of the technology trends and developments.

A number of premier firms will convene to share their secrets behind the successful implementation of Digital Signage.

Pat Hellberg, Director, Brand Media Design Group, Nike, said in a press release, “I will be discussing enhancing your brand and your retail environment through digital signage. Over 3 and 1/2 years ago we started the Nike retail network with a pilot project in stores. Now we are in over 260 locations, some of those locations owned by Nike’s retail partners such as DICK’s Sporting Goods and Finnish Line … Simply put, what we create has to have the look and feel of Nike otherwise we’ve missed the market. I’ll talk about how we missed and how we hit the mark and tell you some of the lessons we’ve learned about making digital signage more effective.”

“Choosing the Right Vendor Partners for your Digital Signage,” a panel discussion on the captivating technology, will be led by Jeff Porter, EVP, Scala Broadcasting Media.

Keynote speakers include Dave Jenssen, VP, Reuters America, Inc. and Mark Kirstein, VP, Multimedia Content and Services, iSuppli Corporation.

The gathering will also assemble leading companies such as American Honda Motor, Synergex Corporation, Honeywell ADI, AccuWeather Inc, The Weather Channel Interactive, Media Place (doing a Harley-Davidson Case study), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Borders and lots more.

According to the press release, “discussions will focus on how companies successfully implemented Digital Signage and the challenges they faced along the way:

* Using Interactivity for Digital Signs

* Creating the Next Generation of In-Store Branded Media Program

* Building the Internal Team to Prepare for Effective Deployment

* Using Digital Signage in the Global Retail Market

* Understanding how Brands and Content Providers Evaluate Digital Signage Partnership Opportunities

Details are at:

Given that these guys do 1,500 trade shows a year, I don’t think it is much of a reach to speculate that the organizers sniffed out an emerging industry and whipped something up. I wouldn’t expect the IQPC people will know a hell of a lot about what they’re holding this thing for. The week before, they’re doing “the leading Six Sigma for Sales and marketing Event!!!”

If the speaker list gets you all tingly, have at it! I don’t tend to get much out of these things, particularly when the usual suspects are wheeled out once again.

An industry event organized by industry people … that would get my attention.

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