DRE attendance numbers up this year

The Digital Retailing Expo people have released attendance numbers for its show last month, as well as some details for next year.

A press release reports, "The 2006 event featured 97 exhibitors (over 20% growth since 2005) and attracted a record number of 1,220 qualified attendees and buyers within its niche market."

The show had been touting expected attendance of some 1,100.

That's not exactly a stampede of people, but show organizer Chris Gibbs rattled off the names of some 36 chain retailers — like Federated and Whole Foods — who had people there poking around.

Gibbs also says next year there will be an interactive area set aside for touch-screen and other apps. The show is set for May 16-17 back in Chicago, but there's no indication whether the show is back downtown or way, way out by O'Hare.