Getting it right in Switzerland

May 16, 2006 by Dave Haynes

I got an e-mail from Christian Vaglio-Giors, the managing director of a Swiss firm doing digital signage for retailers and mall operators in that rather beautiful part of the world. I think — repeat think — I met Christian last year at DRE.

I had never heard of Neo Advertising, but I'll certainly pay attention now.

They have a variety of screens, using an advertising sales model, in about seven shopping centres and what looks like a big convention centre. Neo just did a deal to roll out to 21 Coop shopping centres by the end of this summer.

The impressive thing is the prevalence and dominance of screens. While it looks like the venue operators have made Neo put the screens overly high in some spots, there's a lot of them and they would get noticed.

So many networks I have seen work with limited budgets and end up with a few screens sprinkled here and there that amount to nothing. Some of the Neo-installed stores have a row of screens lined up like headstones at a cemetary (not the best analogy, but …)

What's particularly impressive, though, is the company's trilingual Web site. It does a really good job of showing and explaining the product, and isn't shy about providing advertising rate card rates.

Young companies just getting into the game could take some notes from these guys.

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