Top 10

February 17, 2006 by Dave Haynes

I like the approach AdSpace Networks is taking in the US malls where it has digital screen networks running, as it gets pretty much to the heart of what these networks should be all about – helping consumers and driving sales for mall tenants.

As reports, AdSpace’s “Today’s Top 10” program sorts through what its operators deem the best deals in the mall. AdSpace then cranks out free 10-second spots for each and roll them into the ad loop.

I imagine there’s a little more than that to the deal – it smells a little like brand or retail banners are being bonused with these freebies to make them happy – but spots that tell consumers where the deals are make much more sense to me than a lot of what I have seen running in mall networks.

Sorry, but when I am wandering around a mall, I don’t need to read what’s happening in the financial markets, or see a brain-teaser. But tell me a Nikon digital camera is $200 off right now, and you’ve got my attention. 

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