NFL’s Vikings Use Transparent OLEDs To Tell History Of Team Uniforms

There were lots of “Ooohs” and “Aaaahs” when Planar started showing its transparent OLED displays about a year ago, but also some less enthused “Ohs” when it became apparent a 55-inch screen cost $15,000.

So the question has begged since then – are many end-users buying the things?

Answer – yes. There probably hasn’t been a rush on them, but they are out there. Case in point – the fan experience area at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, the new home of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings Voyage has several interactive areas, and a centrepiece is called “Battle Armor” – which features two 55-inch Planar LookThru OLED displays that tell the story about uniforms through the years.

Explains Planar in a case study:

They are looking at mannequins behind the display, each of which is wearing a different Vikings uniform, one from the 1960’s, one from the 1990’s and one the Vikings wear today. The interactive experience enables a fan to touch the display to see graphics and text about the helmet or other parts of the uniform in order to learn more about how these items have changed over time.

“It’s a unique way to educate people about the different gear football players have been using through the years and the ways technology has been integrated into helmets and shoulder pads, for example, to keep players safe,” says Curtis Walker, Technology Director of integrator Dimensional Innovations.

The study goes on to describe other aspects of the job. You can read it here.


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Dave Haynes

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