Projects: Poland’s Posnania Lights Up Ambitious Digital Sign Program


Pretty much all the information is in Polish, and translate tools can only do so much, but what’s evident in any language is that this is a very impressive digital project at a high-end shopping mall in west-central Poland.

The mall is called Posnania and is in the city of Poznan. There are some 100 displays around the mall, and in some respects it looks more like professional sports arena than a shopping centre, with LED ribbon boards around the central court, big LED towers and a suspended 360-degree LED mesh display.

The project was put together by SQM Digital Signage (which has a great domain: and the software driving content is Scala. It took about a year to plan and complete.

I’ve worked with mall groups, and raised these kinds of concepts, but not seen one go ahead … so this is great to see. Some of the content is gorgeous.

Not sure about the Kinect stuff they are doing. That stuff is prone to locking up, and mostly a gimmick. Overall, though, great looking project.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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