Whole Foods Goes Truly Digital With Signage At Seattle-area 365 Store

Photo by Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire

Photo by Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire

Via GeekWire

The tech news site GeekWire has a good piece up about the heavy digital investment made by Whole Foods at a new small format 365 store in Bellevue, Washington.

The store has electronic ink price labels, digital weigh scales, interactive digital kiosks to facilitate wine pairings, a touchscreen-driven TeaBot and larger digital displays supplanting printed and written promo posters and boards.

“In the store, the thing we’re really proud of is the digital signage,” Isabelle Francois, the vice president of 365 by Whole Foods Market, tells GeekWire. “We’ve almost gone 100 percent digital with signage. Customers love it. It’s reliable. The tags get updated instantaneously as soon as we change pricing. That was a big achievement and it’s everywhere in all the departments.”

Nice to see a store concept that really pushes the digital possibilities, instead of many that have put in an interactive kiosk and said, “Look how innovative we’re being!”

Full post and lotsa pix here …

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Dave Haynes

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