Digital Signage Goes To The Kitchen


One of the guys at Rise Vision is so steeped in the digital signage business he has a slick interactive display up and running in his kitchen.

Mat Meiers, the company’s lead creative designer, designed a screen layout to display calendar events, grocery lists, to do lists and family photos in his Kansas City-area kitchen.


The display has four pages; a homepage, grocery list, to-do list and calendar- the staples for every household- all of which can be easily managed and viewed. When it is not being used, in what Rise calls rest mode, it runs a photo slide show.

“I wanted this page to be visually appealing to guests but still contain necessary information accessible at a glance without interacting,” says Meiers on the company blog. “The background of the home page is a ken burns slideshow of family images. Overlaid on top is the current day’s forecast and any calendar event that might be going on that day. I wanted the navigation and transitions to be unobtrusive and take up little real estate giving the focus to the actual content.”

The navigation in the right hand corner directs to the calendar, to-do list and shopping list respectively. Meiers says he built the buttons in a similar style to Google’s Material Design, using a clip-path property to reveal content as the user transitions between pages.

I don’t see this sort if thing becoming a standard in home kitchens, but it’s nicely done in terms of design, and handy. You could do this sort of thing for less than $500 using a Dell all-in-one like the one seen here. The Rise Vision platform is free.



Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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