E Ink Debuts 32-Inch Display That Can Wrap Around Bus Stop Post



Turns out there are two interesting product releases coming out of E Ink this week at the display nerd show SID in San Francisco.

I wrote a few hours ago about a new rich color e-paper display technology, but the company has also showed off a 32-inch flexible,  lightweight display aimed at public transport and other public information systems.

The E Ink Mobius display would replace paper or be an alternative to flat LCD displays on things like curved light poles and other surfaces where a flat display would not to have a boxed enclosure added.

“E Ink Mobius displays offer a unique solution for public information systems and other digital signage applications,” says Harit Doshi, E Ink’s head of the signage business unit. “The flexibility, lightweight and low power requirements of the 32″ Mobius display make it an ideal drop-in replacement for the existing paper or plastic systems in present use. Operators can upgrade their systems to provide greater customer service without having to make major infrastructural changes.”

The 32″ Mobius display weighs 150 grams, or less than 6 ounces, with a resolution of 2650 X 1440 at 94 ppi. It has all the paper-like readability and low power consumption of E Ink displays, and will not add a significant power load on the system. It can even be powered with solar cells and rechargeable batteries.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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