Chart: LCD’s Future Is Big, As In Big Screens, Says IHS


The latest IHS Digital Signage & Professional Displays Market Analysis – this one tied to Q1 2016 – says the slowdown in the economies of China, Latin America, and Eastern Europe actually shrunk the digital signage and professional display market by 3%, year on year, in 2015. But the market is coming around and is expected to grow by 2.9% in 2016, at 12.2 million.

By 2020, shipments are predicted to exceed 14.3 million units in 2020.

I’m referencing this stuff because I’ve actually met the principal analyst for IHS, and research company spends about as much time in the report explaining its methods and resources as it does doing forecasts. So this is credible, versus the stuff that comes out of research mills in India that produce reports on just … about … anything.

The IHS report is posted on the Digital Signage Federation website, but you’ll have to log in as a member to see it.

Among the findings, which will surprise few, is that smaller screens are phasing out and the future is all about big when it comes to LCD.

Says IHS:

Shipments of 50-inch+ LCD public displays grew 38% in 2014 and 11% in 2015. Double-digit growth will continue through 2019 as smaller sizes are phased out. Shipments of 32, 40, and 42-inch public displays, which were once the main sizes, will decline significantly through 2020.

That COULD have some implications for companies playing in retail and corporate communications, where shelf-edge displays and larger meeting room signs and directories are in demand. You’ll still be able to get them in five years, but they’ll be small volume niche products, which in real world terms means expensive.


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Dave Haynes

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