Scala Now Really Up And Running On ChromeOS

scalalogoScala has formally joined the list of companies developing solutions that run on Google ChromeOS devices, releasing a version of the Scala Enterprise Player that will work on a Chromebox, and in theory at least, on Chromebits and Chromebase all-in-ones.

Scala was at the Google booth at DSE 2015 indicating it was doing ChromeOS, but like some of the other companies co-located there, it was mostly touting plans as opposed to actual capabilities at that point. Now the product is up and out the door.

The Scala ChromeOS app powering a display runs in Google’s self-contained device administration and management environment. A ChromeOS device will connect directly to Scala Enterprise Content Manager, communicate over HTTP/HTTPS and get maintenance statistics on status, heartbeats and diagnostic logging.

Scala Enterprise Player for Chromebox, the Philly-area company says, delivers rich dynamic HTML5 content, advanced scheduling and screen zone division with independent playback in each zone and stands out from other devices by simultaneously playing multiple videos. 

Scala says the highlights of the player include:

  • rich HTML5 content;
  • smooth visual effects incorporating images, video and audio;
  • extensibility via HTML5 and JavaScript;
  • multiple screen zones showing unique content;
  • linkage to Google’s secure management environment.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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