Projects: Viennese Digital OOH Screen Takes Donations For Christmas


A landmark Viennese church, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, is working with an Austrian outdoor media to generate donations through a digital screen set up in Stephansplatz, a public square.

The media firm Gewista has set up a screen that takes 2 Euro donations, to be put towards ongoing renovations to the old church.

The is how Google translates the description what goes on with the screen: The digitized coin is conveyed after the ball in a lift upwards, finds its way in a fun way through a ball track down and she reached down, ringing the Pummerin. The 2D design creates depth through shadow diagrams – large gears, mechanics and typical Viennese buildings underline the urban flair.

It probably makes perfect sense pre-translation, but you get the general idea.




Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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