Projects: Austrian Mall Converts To Digital Wayfinding, Adds NFC

Monitor Leitsystem Seiersberg

ShoppingCity Seiersberg, one of the largest shopping malls in Austria, has installed 12 touchscreen wayfinding kiosk units that are helping daily crowds find their way around the big footprint venue.

The set-up also builds in NFC, so visitors can tap phones and generate loyalty rewards and grab promo offers.

The mall’s 200 shops cover more than 915,000 sq ft and four buildings, and the management team wanted to use digital to replace analog displays, centralize content management and start generating ad revenue. They also needed something that was going to make it far simpler to move around the connected building wings, with a total of 14 floors.

The team settled on a solution run by Austria’s MM Solution and using Silicon Valley-based 22 Miles, which has a full wayfinding design and management platform.

22 Miles says the system is now generating performance analytics that prove and highlight kiosk usage for media planning agencies, and the advanced ad scheduling engine is handling a variety of promo opportunities.

“Ad agencies found benefit with the touch screens’ interface,” says a 22 Miles paper, “which gained high focus while navigating the guests standing in front. According to partner’s estimates, the ads have been increasing by about 30% just within the initial two months of installation. The advanced scheduling greatly expands the ad space for each kiosk, comparing to the previous analog system.”

“Guests also have a simple way to search and locate each store or facility in the center, and the management team was happy to see less support inquires to the information desk. The shoppers love to swipe NFC tags more often through the kiosks, so they can immediately and visually learn how to redeem their points for the next purchase.”


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Dave Haynes

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