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This is a really nice digital install at a new Denver restaurant called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, or WTF for short.

It’s just up the block from the funky old warehouse offices of Four Winds Interactive, which put the project together for the owners. FWI CEO took me down there Tuesday to grab a bite and have a look.


I liked for a couple of reasons:

1 – The 1 by 4 tiled display setup over the bar is kinda sorta, but not really, a digital menu board. It’s built that way and really nicely nests into the area above all these bourbons, ryes and Colorado whiskies I’d love to try. But it’s not a menu system, and it cycles through a series of different content elements – flanked at the right end by featured whiskey pieces. The programming includes social media, with Instagram (if I am remembering correctly) images scraped and included in a nicely presented stream.

2 – The content design is gorgeous – and not really the stuff I associate with Four Winds. I think of that company much more as a software platform, but this material was all done in-house, and shows they’ve got some people with real design chops.

There is a second display like this a little deeper into the room, on a wall.

I also liked that the in-house music came off Spotify, and the artists and tunes were displayed in a corner.

It’s just a one-off, but sooooooo much better than typical bars that hang a few TVs here and there, and maybe do a little reverse-L drink promo thing that wraps around the TV signal.

I could see this picking up content awards.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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