DSE 2013 Stats Up Across Board


Preset escapee Paul Flanigan (left), grinning and thinking, “Please God, don’t let Haynes see this photo, because he’ll run it on his blog.”

The Digital Signage Expo people have released stats for last week, some I am not convinced I was supposed to see (and will hold back on).

Actual attendance was 4,080, which was up slightly from a year earlier and not as high as expected, as the DSE folks speculate that there were some 1,400 no-shows pegged in part to crappy weather (cancelled flights) last week.

International attendance accounted for 22% of the number, with 77 countries represented, eight more than 2012.

Exhibitor attendance was up 15% from 2012, and exhibit space was 68,895 square feet, or up 10.3%.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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Dave Haynes


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    HA! You win this round, Haynes! I’ll dig up a photo of you somewhere! Somehow!

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