DSE2013 Video Blog: The Rise Of Android Boxes

I have a face, and particularly a chin, that’s made for radio, but I nonetheless took a first real stab at video blogging with my good, hyper-talented friends from Studio 10 in cold, flat and happy Regina, Saskatchewan.

They did some work with us last year and came back to LV for a couple of pro shoots and some video blogging with a total amateur. We take a look here, on Day 1 at DSE, at the rise of Android devices. Despite my look, I think this is pretty spanking good.

As I note in the video, the rise of sub-$100 Android-driven devices that can run 1080p and operate reliably years is very, very interesting.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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Dave Haynes


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Dave Haynes

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  • billy budwitz says:


    Nice job. Thanks for keeping those of us unable to attend in the loop!

    Billy Budwitz
    Rave Cinemas

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