Free And Well Worth The Click: The 2024 Digital Signage Yearbook Now Available For Download

June 17, 2024 by Dave Haynes

There is not a lot of in-depth insights and interview work done that is specific to the digital signage sector, and much of what is available involves very limited briefs that point to paywalled material, so the annual digital signage yearbook produced by German content partner invidis is pretty much unique because of its depth and low-low price, as in free.

The yearbook is a free download, and for the past few years, there has been an English language version that includes North American content, mostly generated by myself.

The print version of the 2024 yearbook was put together and made available to attendees of last month’s Digital Signage Summit Europe in Munich, and now the PDF version is available for anyone to download – the only requirement being registration – so that the producers can quantify and characterize readership.

This is the page you click through to register and enable the download:

This is the deepest and most detailed content work you are going to find in this sector, produced and guided by people who genuinely know this sector. Florian and Stefan, the two principals at Munich-based invidis, come at this from more of a business lens than I can manage. We have done numerous presentations together, and they show up in suits, while I show up looking like I was dressed by Costco, which is pretty much spot-on. But we share a collective interest in raising industry knowledge without getting into the pom-pom shaking some vendors hope and expect we will do.

Here is the summary of the yearbook’s focus and content mix:

Special on software, including license ranking

The biggest movement in the digital signage market is currently the shift in the value chain: software is gaining an increasing share of project budgets and is therefore becoming the focus of all providers. It is not only integrators who are increasingly bringing their own CMS solutions onto the market; hardware providers are also pushing into the software market. We explain how this movement is affecting the entire market in this year’s special “Signage & Software.”

The special also includes our software ranking, which classifies CMS providers according to the number of their worldwide active licenses.

Also included: Tech trends, retail media 101 and more

Starting with a current market overview, the yearbook covers five subject areas in addition to the software special:

Digital signage professionals or those who want to become one should not miss this new issue! We hope all readers enjoy it. A big thank you also goes to our content partner Dave Haynes from Sixteen-Nine , who covers the North American market for us.

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