Intel Partners With Sharp To Convert Underused Display Plants To Semiconductor Work

June 10, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Sharp has found a nice partner to take on some of its under-utilized display manufacturing capacity in Japan, chip-maker Intel.

Intel Corp and 14 Japanese partner companies will use Sharp’s underutilized LCD plants in Japan to research advanced semiconductor production technology.

The collaboration will reduce the alliance’s costs and in turn provide Sharp with welcomed income.

Sharp’s clean rooms that are fundamental to manufacturing LCD displays are just as important in semiconductor production.

There were reports a few weeks ago indicating Sharp was struggling on the TV display side of its business and was looking to re-purpose some dormant or underused display factories for the booming compute-hungry AI business.

Sharp NEC CEO Mike Marusic said recently the moves to re-purpose TV plants in Japan is not a useful reflection on the state of his US company’s pro display business.

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