Fine Pitch LED Now Matured To Point An LCD Video Wall Panel Can Be One-For-One Swapped For A Same-Sized LED

May 28, 2024 by Dave Haynes

With the strong qualifier that there may well be something else out there like this (staying on top of ALL of this stuff ain’t easy), I saw an interesting indicator recently of just how much the LED display market is supplanting the LCD flat panel market when it comes to pro display like video walls.

This is a Chip On Board 0.78mm LED display from UK-based LED Studio that was being demo’d last week at the Digital Signage Summit in Munich. The pitch is sufficiently fine that mere mortals would have trouble distinguishing this from a more conventional LCD flat panel, but what was interesting was the back-side of the thing. It looks like the backside of a TV, and even has VESA mount holes built in. A lot of LED product, seen from the rear, looks like electronics – with cables, heat sinks and even printed circuit boards. This was all hidden, just as it is for TVs and pro display panels.

At 55 inches diagonal, it has the dimensions to pretty simply swap out an aging, calibration-challenged video LCD wall with a unit that will fit into the same mounting system. So it is a simple one for one swap.

The COB aspect of it means it runs cool, doesn’t need a lot of power (this one was 77 watts), and the manufacturing process puts on a protective coating that will handle modest everyday abuse if the screens is near people.

  1. Marty Durksen says:

    Planar has been actively shipping 0.6mm in our DLU line for some time.

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