7-Eleven Japan Rolling Computer Vision-Informed Retail Media Network Across 500 Stores

May 3, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The Japanese wing of convenience store giant 7-Eleven is rolling out what looks and sounds like a retail media network in 500 locations around that country, placing a big emphasis on in-store analytics by using a Sony computer vision platform.

The retail giant is using the edge AI-sensing platform AITRIOS developed and supported by Sony Semiconductor Solutions. The system is based on cameras, but only does pattern detection, not recognition, calming potential consumer concerns around privacy. The video below says the output is meta data, not videos or images.

The main goals are counting viewers and logging dwell times, using those insights to tweak creative and screen placements, and also understand impacts (as in which spots boost sales performance).

Computer vision for retail has been around coming on 20 years, but I’ve not seen a lot of mass rollouts like this – particularly since this one at least infers this is being tested and could roll across all stores. 7-Eleven is a familiar retailer to North Americans, but it is huge in parts of Asia. Some of the people promoting retail media networks in North America and Europe day would see the Japan business as the stuff of dreams:

7-Eleven is also huge in Taiwan and that business unit, as Quividi’s Mitch Wade notes, has a well-established screen network. “Quividi and 7-Eleven Taiwan have partnered on an in-store Retail Media Network since 2011, where we measure 16,000  screens in over 6,800 stores.”

  1. Mitch Wade says:

    Hi Dave –
    To toot our own horn, Quividi and 7Eleven Taiwan have partnered on an in-store Retail Media Network since 2011 where we measure 16K screens in over 6.8K stores. Happy to share details with anyone interested.

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