Video From Shakira Pop-Up Concert Shows How That Combo DOOH Billboard And Stage In Times Square Works

March 28, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Colombian pop star Shakira did a pop-up show in New York’s Times Square on Tuesday night to launch a new album, and that’s relevant here because the show was done using the hybrid DOOH billboard and concert stage at the TSX Broadway complex.

That’s the building that has a stage with swing-in doors and a backing LED display – so it operates the great majority of the time as a bookable ad display on a very high profile corner. The screen manufacturer was/is SNA Displays.

This is not the first live event done using the screen and stage – Post Malone did one last summer. But the video below gives you a look at how the show works, with a pre-show segment and the doors opening up.

It’s technically very impressive. The opening creative hits me as a bit cheesy, but I’m old and definitely not the target market.


  1. ben kutner says:

    Dave : Im older than you but this is absolute CRAP

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