Orlando Sports Bar Has 60 Feet Of Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

June 6, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It’s insanely hot and humid in Orlando, so I have an excellent excuse for needing to visit bars there next week to rehydrate. One I will now have to visit is the Centric sports bar in the Hilton Orlando, which is right near the Orange County Convention Center – the site of InfoComm 2023. That’s because the bar has a big pair of 1.5mm fine pitch LED video walls that run digital art by day, and game broadcasts when they’re on.

The displays are all-in-one units from NYC-based Primeview Global, and are driven by BrightSign boxes. Osborn Engineering did the design, The Integration Factory put it in and Aurora Multimedia also provided hardware. Not sure on software, but probably just BrightSign’s own play-out engine.

There is a smaller 32:9 wall that is 20 feet wide and fix feet tall, and larger one that is twice the width. The bar also has a pile of 55-inch flat panels.

I get in early Sunday evening, if the airlines behave, and could be talked into meeting there for a pint and a look.

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