Screen-Filled Outernet London Already One Of UK’s Top Attractions

April 4, 2023 by Dave Haynes

That vast set of LED video walls at a new culture, arts and media district in central London is evidently resonating with the public – with reports from the developer/owner of Outernet London that after roughly five months of operation, it is already one of the most visited attractions in the UK.

By the end of February, the average daily footfall counted in the Outernet district was 223,000 people. The Now Building, the core venue that has some 23,000 square feet of 16K LED screens, is seeing an average weekly visitor count of 85,000. Based on that, the developer suggests the yearly reach would be about four million, putting the venue up in the top five visitor attractions in the UK, behind the British Museum but ahead of the Tate Modern.

I can personally attest to seeing a big crowd there at 3:30 on a very nippy late January afternoon. The big screens draw people because of their sheer scale, and because of a mix of curated arts and cultural programming, blended with specialized brand marketing. It is a lot more than a big-ass set of screens.

The location of the venue also plays a role in footfall numbers, of course. It is at one of the busier crossroads in central London, and the Tottenham Court Road Underground station (including  the new Elizabeth Line) has a major entry/exit point right at Outernet. It’s also free, so people are not showing up and leaving when they see an admission fee.

“To have this level of visitor numbers so early in the life of Outernet is incredibly encouraging,” says Philip O’Ferrall CEO Outernet London. “Our ambition when we built Outernet was to create something that democratised art and culture, that opened it up to everyone and enabled creatives and brands to tell stories in a completely new way. Along with the visitor numbers we have also seen very significant incremental digital engagement, with a brand reach of over 14 million from consumers and influencers sharing their unique experiences across social channels.”

“As London’s social and economic recovery continues, it is brilliant to see the centre of our city so bright and vibrant once again,” says Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. “I’m proud of the work we have delivered with Outernet, showcasing innovative content to Londoners and visitors on world class screens. With the rising cost of living, it is fantastic to see cultural experiences remain accessible as Outernet’s Now Building is free to visit for all.”

I did a podcast a few weeks back with Ben Maher of Outernet London


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