LG Marketing Big Outdoor LED Displays For Cruise Ships

March 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

LG has started marketing a new outdoor direct-view LED display series expressly designed for the cruise ship market, with units that are built to survive whatever weather and operating conditions the crew might encounter.

The GNEB series has marine-grade powder and conformal (circuitry) coatings, and the front and rear of the displays are IP67-certified.

The units, rated for 100,000 hours to half-brightness, come in 6 and 8mm versions, the latter being the more affordable option.

Typically, these big displays are going in to new-build ships in the outdoor pool deck area.

This seems like a really narrowly defined market opportunity, but in context, that kind of applies to most large format LED projects. There are only so many cruise ships, but then again there are only so many casino resorts that want big screens at pools, and so on.

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