Ad Tech Firm Quotient Says Analytics Platform Can Now Tie DOOH Campaign Impact To Retail Sales Performance

August 17, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Salt Lake City-based digital media and promotions technology company Quotient has built media measurement capabilities for Digital Out Of Home ad networks into its analytics platform, with the intent of providing advertisers, retailers and agencies with tangible evidence that targeted advertising had a direct impact of sales.

Multi-touch media measurement capabilities within the Quotient Analytics Platform, says the company in PR, give stakeholders access to “near real-time attributable sales and return on ad spend to enable meaningful adoption of DOOH as well as visibility into the channel’s role within holistic omnichannel campaigns.”

Quotient suggests its solution gives ad buyers “unique, granular insights into DOOH ad performance based on venue (billboard, mall, gym, etc.), designated market area (DMA), or creative type at any time during the campaign flight. This robust data set provides a means for advertisers to justify their ad spend and optimize their campaigns based on specific performance indicators.”

“It’s more important than ever that ad buyers feel comfortable with their investments and can validate them. Increasingly, that validation means linking campaigns, or a specific part of a campaign, directly to metrics that directly impact the business, like sales,” says Norm Chait, Senior Director, OOH Practice Lead at Quotient. “With this enhancement, our customers are able to gain important insights into where their campaigns are providing the most value, gaining deep insights on a specific channel like DOOH, but also big-picture information across the entirety of an omnichannel campaign.”

Users can get at the data within Quotient’s self-service platform, or via managed services.

Most of this stuff is Martian to me and, as is almost always the case, the website has lotsa terminology that only people working directly in the DOOH industry have a faint hope of grasping. So I can’t tell you if this is truly new or unique, or maybe everyone does this and I just don’t know!

What’s pretty logical, though, is how this in theory addreses the base aspiration of every brand marketer and media planner out there to gain some sense that an ad campaign is moving whatever metric needle they hoped to move.

This Kleenex case study provides a sense of how all this works …


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