Washington School District Tiles Large E-Paper Units To Create Digital Display Wall

July 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The e-paper display firm Visionect, from Slovenia, has an interesting round-up post on its company blog noting a wide variety of ways the displays are being used in business and public spaces.

It’s useful just to see things like battery-driven, solar-recharged bus stop schedule displays, but what caught my eye was a display wall at a school district office in the state capitol of Washington.

The Olympia School District in Washington, USA, has mounted six 32” Place & Play devices with narrow bezels, creating a single large display. This setup creates a glare-free experience, helping the school digitally share information, memories, and ideas. Because the displays are battery-powered and last a year on a single charge, they can be mounted as seamlessly as artwork on a wall.

Each of those 32s are about $2,500, so the district didn’t go down this path to save upfront costs. But once these units are up, there are no ongoing energy costs. And the monochrome content might also reflect what the people designing the space were “going for” in terms of a minimalist look.

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