Lamar Holds Biggest OOH Market Share Among US Media Companies: Research

July 14, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The online publication Billboard Insider, which covers guess what, has done the information-gathering and math to sort out which media companies have the largest shares of the US out of home advertising market.

The work clearly shows that Lamar controls 25% of US OOH revenues, followed by OUTFRONT at 21% and Clear Channel Outdoor at 17%. JCDecaux, a giant in the EU region, is just a small player in the US market, with a calculated market share of 2.3%.

The independent out of home companies, as opposed to those that are publicly traded, account for 36% of US OOH revenues and as an aggregate represent the largest single share of the market.   

The market share rankings don’t parse out analog and digital, so it is not clear if market share percentages differ if just Digital OOH is considered.

From Billboard Insider:

Here’s how we computed the figures.

  • 2021 US Out of home revenue source:  OAAA.
  • We reduced OUTFRONT’s total 2021 revenue by 5% to compute US revenue because OUTFRONT’s annual report states that Canada accounts for 5% of OUTFRONT’s total revenue.
  • We used Clear Clear Channel Americas revenue as a proxy for US revenue.  This slightly overstates Clear Channel Outdoor’s US market share because the figures include Canada as well.
  • We used JCDecaux North America revenue as a proxy for US revenue assuming euro to US dollar convertibility of 1:1.  This slightly overstates JCDecaux US revenues because the company is also active in Canada.

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