Meeting Partners And Belting Out 70s Soul In Las Vegas

June 14, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I bumped into Tom Ross from UK-based Now Signage in one of the corridors on the InfoComm show floor – him racing one way to a meeting, me heading the other way.

I said I would pop by to see their set-up with Exertis-Almo, but as inevitably happens at these things, best intentions don’t always play out.

He put up a post on Linkedin and on the company website summarizing business activity over eight nights in Las Vegas, as well as extra-curricular activity involving cocktails. They clearly had some fun.

But this is what caught my eye. Ross can sing. This appears to be at a karaoke bar somewhere along the strip.

I can’t sing. Even Happy Birthday is an ear-bleeder. But I can write, and have a PhD in Ikea assembly. So I’m not entirely a lost cause.

Kevin Cosbey of Seneca can also really, really sing. He can do pop music, but he’s also solo’d with the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus.

  1. Jay Leedy says:

    had the pleasure of spending time at with the NowSignage guys Sunday night and they could not be more enthusiastic ambassadors for our industry! Also have seen Kevin Cosbey sing in person a few years back at an NYDSW karaoke bar late night…he put my rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ to shame. so many talented folks in our industry!

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