NOLA’s Airport Using Big, Curved LED Ribbon To Dynamically Locate, Brand Airline Check-in Counters

May 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Here’s another example of an airport adopting LED displays as a core part of the passenger experience – a horizontal LED ribbon display that runs on a curved wall behind the airline check-in counters at the new terminal in New Orleans.

It’s a Nanolumens display and one of the rationales for using this sort of set-up is that as an airport juggles check-in counter assignments – not so much for the big guys but for the carriers who might have a small handful of flights daily – the graphics can be changed to switch from, say, Frontier to Air Canada.

I think Orlando was the first airport to do this sort of ribbon display set-up – albeit n that case with tiled LCDs – but we’ve also recently seen Delta’s set-up at LAX go down this path, as well as the United areas at Denver’s big hub airport.

The new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport opened in 2019, so this may have been there for awhile, but this is the first I’ve seen of this.

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