Meeting Room Entry Gets Serious Upgrade With Transparent OLED Sliding Doors

November 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a real world – albeit as real world as deep-pocketed Dubai can be – of a venue using sliding glass entry doors embedded with transparent OLED displays.

This is the entrance to a meeting room at an office somewhere in Dubai, using the door-slider mechanisms of a company called ASSA ABLOY, which has a partnership with LG to use OLED displays in a version of its Pedestrian Door Solutions. The sliders have to go somewhere when they open, which explains the stainless steel panels to the left and right.

I’m not sold on the content choices for this set of screens, but it may be placeholder stuff or could, I suppose, relate directly to the company in that space. Boring old me thinks it should have meeting room information popping up, but in that case a $600 meeting room sign/tablet would do, and this job – totally guessing – is probably more like $50,000 for the OLEDS, slider system and metal work (or more!). I don’t see this coming to your local Tesco, Krogers or 7-11 anytime soon, but it could be interesting for super high-end design jobs in luxury retail or corporate finance.

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