Check Out This Super-Nice, Very Different Digital Lobby Experience At Uber’s HQ (with Video)

November 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is super-nice and wonderfully different from a lot of the digital display work that’s going into big company HQ buildings – a two-storey digital art experience in the lobby of Uber’s new head office in the Mission Bay district of San Francisco.

The ride-sharing giant hired the Brooklyn-based design firm Hush Studios, and used Electrosonic as the technology partner, to put in a system that combines low-resolution LED light cables or ropes (I assume) with more conventional, higher-rez LED video walls.

Called The Stream, the art installation spans a ceiling and walls and works with sync’d lighting and sound to blend data on things like locations with stories about local drivers.

The project came together over about three years and appropriately-scaled versions of the installation will be done in other Uber offices.

Tons of photos here, or watch this video below …

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