50-Foot Tall Digital Sphere Greets Guests, Visitors At New Vegas Strip Resort

August 30, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I am not quite sure what this is and how it all works, but the recently opened Resorts World hotel and casino on the Strip in Las Vegas – up past the Wynn and Encore – has a giant digital mirror ball.

It is 50-foot-tall mirrored sphere in a main common area of the new resort that has 20-million-pixels available for content.

I was thinking this was projection mapping from the surrounding walls, but the more I look at it, the more I think it is projectors inside the sphere. Or LED mesh on the inside? Or maybe even LED film?

I dunno. Answers or ideas welcomed.

Here is a video:

What I do know is the sphere is one component of the overall design from a Las Vegas architectural firm that – surprise – does a lot of hotels and resorts. Called Steelman Partners.

The mirror ball is not the only gigantic digital element the resort, which is on the old Stardust site. The face of one hotel tower has a 100,000 square-foot LED screen measuring 294 feet high by 340 feet wide. 

  1. Marc Amstoutz says:

    Hi Dave, looks like it’s made by Pledco which is apparently a company born from DesignLED, a true custom-shape LED manufacturer specialist. They’ve made many spheres before but not with a glassy/mirror effect.

  2. Larry Alan says:

    How can I contact pledco or designled?

    1. The Man Who Knows says:

      The Globe was actually designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed by Show Canada Industries, Inc based out of Montreal Canada. The custom LED tiles were manufactured by Pledco in China under the direction and supervision of Show Canada.

  3. Jimmy Louis says:

    I’m here in Vegas now and I’m staying at the hotel… I saw the ball last night, up close, and it’s made of hundreds of triangle shaped LED panels behind a mirrored surface…. It’s pretty awesome, and awe-inspiring in person!

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