NanoLumens Broadens Offer, Adds Fixed-Size All-In-One LED Display Bundles

August 25, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Atlanta-based LED manufacturer NanoLumens has joined the growing list of display makers who have broadened the product line to include all-in-one bundled displays.

NanoLumens had its start, like most LED companies, with larger, free-form tiled LED module systems that could be built to conform to whatever dimension was necessary – ideally a large dimension with a correspondingly large budget.

The company has had substantial success in places like sports venues and airports, but there’s a whole other and different opportunity for getting displays into smaller settings like corporate offices, faith-based venues and higher education. The operators of those venues don’t tend to need, or have, the budget for giant video walls, but do have a need for displays that equate to super-large TVs.

Buyers, and many resellers, also don’t have all that firm a grasp of how LED comes together and works. Their heads are at risk of exploding as sales engineers explain cabinets, and resolutions, and pixel pitch, and COB versus SMD, and on and on.

So … bundles that pretty much come out of the shipping crate ready to go are highly appealing to a certain market, and to the reseller/integrators who circulate in that market.

In the case of NanoLumens, its Captivate Series comes in three sizes – big enough to dominate a meeting space but not so big that it needs to designed and built.

“Captivate is a complete solution that eliminates the need for additional components and eases the design and installation costs typically associated with dvLED displays. This all-in-one display is the perfect choice for any organization that is looking for cost efficient options in one powerful package. Our dvLED solution comes in 120”, 150”, and 180” sizes, all in native HD resolution. Each display comes standard with HDMI inputs and remote control for out of the box operation. With Captivate, you’ll realize faster delivery, a simpler installation, and an easy-to-use meeting room solution. We developed Captivate with the integrator in mind, as it’s easy to sell and install, all at an attractive price point for their customers,” says Brice McPheeters, Vice President, Product and Planning for NanoLumens.

Part of the Captivate pitch is the display depth. NanoLumens has long been known for its lightweight, super-skinny displays. These all-in-one mini video walls are just 2 inches deep, making them ADA compliant without having to notch the screen into the wall.

The custom jobs that Nano usually does don’t lend themselves well to being SKUs in an AV distributors online catalog, but bundles do make sense. NanoLumens says it has set up with SYNNEX as a distribution partner for the series, which will be available to ship in Q4 2021.

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