Saudi’s Expo Dubai Pavilion Includes Huge 1,300 Sq. M. LED Jutting From Ground

August 23, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The 2020 Expo in Dubai got pushed off by a year-plus by COVID-19, but is set to open in the UAE in October – with one of the biggest physical attractions the Saudi Arabia Pavilion.

The boxy building rises at a sharp angle from the sand, and features LED light strips on the outer faces and a huge display on the face of the building that looks downward.

That LED display is 1,302.5 square meters in total display space, and is the full underside of the building.

There is also a huge interactive LED wall that is a bit like that aquarium feature on the back 40 of cable TV systems, but on a vast, wide scale.

No idea about technology vendors, though happy to update post with that information.

Would like to see this at some point. I assume while Expo has a start and stop this kind of building will have a longer life.

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