What If Smart Displays Didn’t Even Need Power Cords?

January 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

One of the big pitches with smart digital signage displays is the ability to streamline an install by having just a single cable, for power, to connect. So what if even the power cable was removed?

That’s the premise of a Russian company that is showing off the capabilities of its wireless power technology this week, during the virtual CES 2021.

The company, Reasonance, is showing how it can drive a 40-inch TV, with 120 watts, at an air gap of roughly 18 inches.

The tech could be used in all kinds of ways – including embedded in roadways for electric vehicles.

It is reasonable to wonder if, in the cases of consumer and commercial electronic displays, if this is a problem looking for a solution. But I could see the attraction in a new build of a store or workplace, or a serious reno job. Embedding power transfer discs in walls and other key locations would tidy and speed up installs, and if the costs were not high, you might see power transmission discs put in place like they were outlets (just hidden).

A tech still has to fix a mount to a wall, so we’re not quite talking the ease of hanging framed artwork or photos. But getting power to a display can be costly and messy if the owner/operators want it to look good. Zero cables would certainly make the install sleek.

On the other hand, the power discs or coils would add to the thickness of a display, perhaps offsetting the space saved by removing the power cable/plug.

Cord-free, wireless power is not entirely new, but Reasonance says what it does is a significant step forward.

Reasonance is a fundamentally new tech that differs from all known methods of wireless power transfer. It is based on classic magnetic resonance but brings it to the next, advanced level. Thanks to the patented configuration of the transfer system, it offers high performance in power, efficiency, transfer distance, and design freedom.

Last but not least, Reasonance is also 80-90% more cost-efficient than other existing wireless solutions. All these factors make Reasonance technology much closer to the mass-market implementation.

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