Making Smart Displays Interactive Gets Easier Via Nexmosphere-SignageOS Tie-Up

November 19, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Sensors that trigger content and respond to external actions in other ways have been around digital signage for years, and like most things, it’s grown easier with time to pull these sorts of things together for uses in spaces like retail and exhibits.

The Dutch start-up Nexmosphere specializes in producing sensors and controls used for interactive components in digital signage installations and POS, and its platform is already integrated with BrightSign’s player line-up and platform, as well as Intuiface’s no-code interactive software.

Now Nexmosphere’s Xperience platform has been integrated with signageOS‘s platform, which opens up the ability to use the interactive sensors with smart display solutions and Raspberry Pi-driven displays.

The Prague company calls its product “the only unification technology platform in digital signage” – in simple terms a technology solution that a CMS company can integrate with and get their software running on smart displays, without diverting a lot of money and time to get what they have fully working on, for example, Samsung Tizen or LG webOS system on chip displays.

Says the PR:

As brands begin to plan for the new year, health and safety guidelines will continue to be at the forefront for many companies. The importance of data-driven insights through interactive yet touchless experiences to maintain visitor safety while still driving conversions is stronger than ever.

To foster such experiences and enable greater adherence to safety guidelines, the signageOS and Nexmosphere partnership provides cross-platform compatibility of the Nexmosphere sensors to many digital signage smart displays, media players, and platforms. Nexmosphere sensors and actuators foster real-time visitor engagement and interaction through presence detection and analysis, motion detection, and a variety of other technologies.

The integration of signageOS and Nexmosphere offers partners the opportunity to utilize many digital signage hardware types in conjunction with Nexmosphere sensors to create captivating digital signage experiences for visitors while maintaining health and safety guidelines.

We wanted to be very selective in choosing a partner for cross-platform sensor integration due to the many faulty offerings that have emerged in recent times. Nexmosphere was the clear choice and a leader in reliability and trust in the industry. We are positive that the partnership with Nexmosphere will create many new opportunities for our partners and their end-users during a time when the need for interactive yet touchless experiences is at an all-time high. – Lukas Danek, Chief Product Officer, signageOS  

“SignageOS and Nexmosphere share the belief that your digital signage experience should not be limited by the hardware deployed and that cross-platform compatibility is crucial for offering a flexible solution to your customers. We are very pleased with this new partnership as we believe it opens up the door for many CMS developers to start adding interactivity to their software packages without having to invest in long-term development costs for every specific hardware package,” says Ivo Wouters, Nexmosphere’s Product Manager.

The signageOS and Nexmosphere integration can be evaluated by beginning a free trial of the signageOS unification technology and purchasing a demo kit of the Nexmosphere sensors.  

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