BrightSign Launches $135 Dedicated Audio Player For Retail Merchandising

September 4, 2020 by Dave Haynes

BrightSign has started marketing a new purple box, among many little purple media boxes, that plays out high quality audio but only costs $135.

The company has long supported audio via its video playback boxes and earlier version audio boxes, but the new AU335 supports high-bandwidth, 24-bit sound, including Dolby Atmos.  The player’s ARC and eARC support lets in-store merchandisers to do things like distribute up to three zones of audio to soundbars and AV receivers.

“Our new player strikes the perfect balance between affordability and power, making it the ideal solution for virtually any setting where sophisticated, high-quality audio is called for,” says Jeff Hastings, CEO, BrightSign. “Whether simply providing background music or powering the display of complicated consumer electronics products at retail, the BrightSign AU335 is up to the task.”

Says the PR:

Consumer audio products are particularly challenging to display in-store. Retailers need the ability to display soundbars, wireless Bluetooth speakers and other audio devices in a way that customers can intuitively test and compare products side-by-side. Achieving this level of approachable simplicity requires a great deal of technical sophistication behind the scenes, and BrightSign’s new AU335 digital audio player fits the bill perfectly.

At just $135, The AU335 supports multi-zone audio, with the ability to integrate interactivity via physical buttons, proximity sensors and more via USB, GPIO or Ethernet connectivity. This enables customers to control the volume and toggle between devices with ease. The BrightSign AU335 includes a free subscription to Control Cloud for easy access to real-time player health and other controls. Additionally, the new player supports free presentation-authoring through BrightAuthor:connected, BrightScript, JavaScript and node applications, plus a host of CMS solutions available within Control Cloud.

The units are available by mid-month.

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