Brown Innovations Shifts 80% Of Production To Making Face Shields

April 5, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Boston-based Brown Innovations, known in pro AV and digital signage circles for directional sound, is busily knocking out face shields for the heroic souls walking into health care environments every day.

Says the company:

Brown Innovations is shifting 80% of production to make high quality, lightweight face shields due to the shortage of protective personal gear during this crisis.

The product is described this way:

Optically clear with an anti-fog free treatment, the foam headband with plastic surround holds the shield away from the face securely. The frame rests lightly on the forehead with no pressure on the temples and allows ample room for glasses and an N95 mask.  Prevents wearer from making contact with eyes, mouth, and nose. Creates a physical barrier between you and airborne pathogens

Used by hospital staff, restaurant workers, grocery clerks, and any person working with the public, this full face shield provides excellent protection against potential contamination from sneezing, coughing, and droplets containing the virus.

Perfect for areas where higher protection is required, such as hospitals, airplanes, and big crowds.

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