Suburban KC Office Block Adds Art-Driven LED Header To Facade

January 14, 2020 by Dave Haynes

We’ve seen LED growing in popularity as signature design feature in the lobbies or grand public spaces of big commercial buildings, and now we’re also seeing it as an external design feature.

This is the CityPlace Corporate Center in Overland Park (a section of Kansas City), which now has a big LED header playing a series of digital art pieces. The display lit up in recent weeks, after going through city approvals.

The visual project was put together by LA-based StandardVision, “which designed an illuminated digital canvas for the purpose of cultural enrichment. Spanning the length of the CityPlace Corporate Center, the technology seamlessly integrates with the building and overlooks the neighboring freeway, providing an unfettered platform for public art.

Collaborating with Kansas City local and globally-renowned artist Jeff Hanson, StandardVision brought one of Hanson’s acrylic paintings to life as an animated spectacle.”

There is a video on the StandardVision page. It unfortunately does not embed, so just click here to view.

No details on tech used, like pixel pitch, etc.

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