Europe’s Digital Signage Organisation Plans Dec. 4 Mixer In London

November 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Organisation logo

The Digital Signage Organisation is running a members-only mixer at The Royal Opera House in London, UK on December 4th.

There will be a technology tour both inside and outside the venue, followed by a Q&A session with the venue’s in-house IT team, and then drinks on the opera house’s balcony, which sounds very cool.

“The Royal Opera House, with an operatic history dating over 260 years, has invested £1 billion in its ‘Open Up’ refurb project, including an extensive Digital Signage and Corporate Communications network used to create stronger awareness of events to a wider public as well as wayfinding and public information,” says Simon Jackson, president of the DSO. “Outside, piazza visitors are greeted by a giant curved LED video wall and, once in the building, digital projection and interactive displays act as mediums to inform and excite opera and ballet-goers about upcoming performances.”

The event starts at 4 pm on the 4th.

Necessary Disclosure – I am a board member of the Digital Signage Federation – which previously had ties with the folks who set up the now unaffiliated DSO at the start of this year. I was not involved in any of the European stuff, so can’t really say what led to a separate, unattached entity, and even if I did know, I’m not allowed to relate that anyway.

Previously, the DSF-E was positioned as being supported and endorsed by the DSF, but the European affiliate operates independently. Prior to being called the DSF-E, it was known as OVAB Europe, which in turn grew out of the old US-based Out of home Video Advertising Bureau. In the US, OVAB became the DPAA, which is not involved (I don’t think) in the latest iterations.

The DSF has ties to Digital Signage Expo, its official trade show, while the DSO has developed ties with AVIXA, which co-owns the ISE trade show, as well as InfoComm.

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