Drone-Based Light Show Puts Giant Atop Skyscraper

November 11, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Photo composite from Daily Star (UK)

This is much more entertainment and spectacle than signage, but nonetheless a really interesting application of technology to form an animated display.

Somewhere in China – not quite sure which big city, and there are many – a drone-based light show has a skyscraper-sized figure atop a skyscraper.

This is an aggregate video of other drone-based light shows done in China. I’ve not really seen a lot of this done in the west, but you’d have to think the interest would be there.

For those people upset about a barge with an LED screen floating along Manhattan’s waterways, here’s Shenzhen and what could happen along any big city’s waterfront unless by-laws get written or revised pretty quickly. Sync’d LED lights AND drones.

  1. Seb Meunier says:

    That’s a pretty impressive usage of technology & engineering deserving a very nice artistic performance. My only concern, the reliability of the show in medium to heavy windy conditions, and the decisions of the show organizers to still run the show vs assuring the security of the audience. Modern fireworks concerns somehow.

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