Spectrio Acquires In-Store Interactive Digital Signage Firm VS Networks

August 27, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The US-based in-store marketing solutions firm Spectrio has acquired/merged with VS Networks, a Chicago company that appears to do digital signage and interactive screens for brands in retail environments, like hardware stores.

Spectrio says the deal means it now powers more than 50,000 screens that drive in-store sales and create engaging customer experiences.

Says a press release:

VS Networks’ interactive sales tools enable customers to actively engage with brands at the point of sale. The platform includes enhanced product catalogs, product selectors, parts finders, and branch or distributor-specific pricing. Brand-based apps in the platform also provide dynamic and interactive video content and programming for dozens of well-known brands.

With the VS Networks platform, complex digital signage networks are easily managed via powerful cloud-based tools. Customers can utilize the platform to broadcast brand messages across an already-established network of retail environments, with tracking and detailed monthly reporting.

“Giving customers the information they need at the point of sale is crucial to driving in-store sales in any retail environment,” says Dax Brady-Sheehan, Spectrio CEO. “With the VS Networks technology, we’re able to provide even more flexibility for our digital signage and interactive kiosk clients, by adding dynamic sales enablement tools, scalable management capabilities, and a vast library of brand content.”

Spectrio says it was looking to build interactive technology into its digital solutions, expanding beyond simple, passive screens.

“Throughout our history, we have always been committed to improving sales and on-premise communication for our clients,” says John Weinlader, VS Networks Co-Founder. “With Spectrio, we are excited to offer a new variety of services so we can provide even more value for our clients.”

A run through the V S Networks site suggests the company’s primary clients are Stihl, Honda and John Deere, and the model is adding interactive and its content to dedicated areas in dea

Spectrio does a variety of consumer-focused applications – Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, and Wi-Fi Marketing, as well as In-Store Music and Marketing, On-Hold Marketing, and Scent Marketing.

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