How Kitcast’s Aggressive Use Of Social Media Has Helped Build Its Digital Signage Brand

July 17, 2019 by Dave Haynes

If you go to any industry trade shows and follow social media activity around them, you’ll no doubt have noticed A LOT of tweeting by a company called Kitcast.

They’ve done a very effective job of using social media to create both buzz and booth traffic, and Kitcast staffers were back at it recently at the Digital Signage Summit in Germany.

I’ve had a few quick chats with the company at the shows, but wanted to know more about a platform and service that at first glance seems like yet another cloud CMS.

There are a few interesting distinctions. First, while the company is based in San Francisco, its roots are in Ukraine. Second, and the big thing, its service is heavily focused on using Apple TV set-top boxes as the media player, and doing so at the enterprise level.

I spoke with Artim Risukhin about the roots of Kitcast and how it fits in the digital signage marketplace.

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