A Huge 260-Screen OLED Waterfall Scene Greets LG’s CES 2019 Stand Visitors

January 10, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Last year, CES visitors to LG’s stand walked along an OLED screen canyon. This year, there’s an OLED waterfall … kinda sorta.

LG’s sprawling CES booth, by the main entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center, has 260 OLEDs in a dramatic, wavy waterfalls-like set-up.

The OLED Falls exhibit has 76 concave, 72 convex and 112 flat 55-inch LG OLED screens. It all measures 20 feet high and 65 feet wide, and runs visuals of waterfalls, the desert, ocean and nighttime skies. There is also immersive audio.

The driver here is showing the perfect blacks and wide color gamut of OLED, as well as its super-skinny profile and the ability to bend.

I suspect a version of the OLED Falls will be at ISE in a few weeks, but don’t expect to see LG OLED at DSE. LG doesn’t even have a stand at the show, at least not at the moment. LG MRI has a big one, but that’s much more MRI than LG.

The CES stand looks amazing. LG does a killer job with its stands at the biggest trade shows.

  1. The technology can also be peaceful.
    The scene of the waterfall is so satisfying, the displays are built brilliantly.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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