Giant 250 Sq. M. LED Dome Fills Part Of Mexican Mall’s Ceiling

October 10, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a 250 square meter LED screen that faces down from the ceiling in a central section of a three-level shopping mall in the suburbs of Mexico City.

Called The Dome, the installation at the Paseo Interlomas Mall in Huixquilucan, EdoMex runs a series of content pieces designed to be experiential.

The project was put together by the Mexico City-based integrator and design studio Kolo DS.

This is one of the unique things about LED. The technical properties are such that these kinds of ceilings can be done, in a way not really possible with conventional flat panel displays. You could do this with projection systems, but it would not lokk good until the ambient and mall lights went down – which would miss the point.

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