180 Sq. Metres Of LED Bring London Skies Down To Medieval Passageway

September 12, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The property developer wanted to retain and highlight a medieval passageway that runs through the center of a new office tower development in London – uniquely using live 4K video streaming from a rooftop garden to fill the canvas of what is the largest ceiling-suspended LED screen in Europe.

The development at Fen Court (10 Fenchurch Avenue) results in a covered passageway connecting streets, that allows people passing through to virtually see the live sky on 5mm pitch LED panels.

The 180 sq metre LED installation uses 540 Absen LED display modules hung 9.5 metres from the ground. The project was put together by system integrator Sysco, teaming with UK distributor PSCo.

The set-up uses a feed from a pair of 4K all-weather cameras located at the building’s rooftop garden, run through a video wall processor.

A must-see next time I get to London, and an obvious award entry.

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