16:9 Projects Podcast: 127 Feet Of Amazing Experiential LED At Chicago’s 150 N. Riverside

December 15, 2017 by guest author, Danica Trapara

Chicago’s 150 Media Stream is a 127-foot long and 19-foot high permanent installation in the lobby of the new 150 North Riverside office building.

It is comprised of 89 individual vertical LED displays or ‘blades’ creating a canvas of over 3,000 square feet. The content is driven by an ‘intelligent content library’ that constantly changes over time. Essentially it’s living content, using generative algorithms to mix content using data and programming to keep it relevant. There’s no advertising, messaging or monetization.

The owners wanted something that would never get stale and they go so far as to seek and commission artists to create content. The custom-built system allows playback of a huge variety of content, including gaming engines.

I spoke with Chad Hutson, President of Leviathan, a digital design creative agency about this “living sculpture.”

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