AdMobilize’s New AI Capabilities Enable Ad Targeting By Vehicle Types

November 30, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Miami-based AdMobilize has launched what it calls a Vehicle Recognition Engine – an AI-driven system that Digital OOH media planners could use to target outdoor advertising down to roadways that tend to see higher percentages of certain vehicle types.

Using the information developed out of the Vehicle Recognition Engine, says the company, brands and media companies can more effectively target their billboard ads based on captured vehicle analytics. For example, luxury brands looking to target a wealthy clientele can now do so with greater accuracy than ever before by placing their ads on billboards regularly exposed to those driving luxury cars. Alternatively, family brands looking to target parents with young children can do so by placing ads on billboards regularly exposed to those who drive, say, minivans. If the same billboard reaches both demographics yet at different times of the day, the content management systems with which AdMobilize integrates can automatically and dynamically deliver targeted ads based on the time of day.

The software platform is the end-product of three years of research and development on proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms.

“The sheer computing power and the deep algorithms required to track, identify, recognize and display hundreds of cars per minute, with exceptional accuracy, is enormous.  Our Vehicle Recognition Engine, like all of our solutions, is designed for scalability – running on low processing power devices, ensuring minimal capital expenditures and maximum measurement accuracy,”says company co-founder and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman,

The company has already been marketing vehicle detection capabilities that can count cars, assess peak traffic periods, gauge vehicle speed, and then feed real-time data to a dashboard and API. The new recognition engine adds the ability to recognize vehicle type – like sedan, SUV, bus, van, minivan, or motorcycle – and vehicle brands.

AdMobilize begins initial vehicle recognition deployments with current customers this week, and will do implementations with new clients in early 2018.

OOH advertising is booming, says Saccoman, but audience targeting and campaign performance metrics made available to brands are still not all that sophisticated. “That is changing, though, with the introduction of new technology platforms and the rapid evolution of overall industry collaboration,” says Saccoman. “It’s our goal with AdMobilize’s Vehicle Recognition Engine – along with our various other audience and crowd analytics platforms – to provide OOH and DOOH advertisers with the targeting capabilities and performance metrics necessary to adequately justify their ad spend and return on investment while growing their overall ad spend in these channels.”

I did a podcast interview with Saccoman earlier this year:


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