Video: LED Shelf-Edge Displays In Grocery Dairy Fridges

November 27, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’ve seen a few companies at trade shows demo-ing LCD and LED ribbon displays intended for retail shelf edges, but can’t say I’ve seen any out in the real world.

So it’s interesting to see this install – no word on whether this is a rollout or a one-shop demo – of a set of chiller fridges in a store equipped with LED shelf signs, marketing Arizona Dairy Farmers product. The displays are, I’m told, hooked to some sort of proximity sensor to trigger content when a shopper comes near.

The displays and the system in behind them are from a company called Adroit Worldwide Media, based south of LA.

I like the concept and think shelf-edge display can have an impact with consumer behavior, but the low resolution of the LED strips is a little problematic when the content starts getting into text and numbers. I think the block-y text I see here and saw way back at NRF is done to work with the pixels, given a lot of fonts have gentle curves that would not work here.

The good news is the cost of LEDs keeps on dropping, so perhaps there’s a time when the spreadsheet exercise on these things allows for fine pixel pitches. Maybe shoppers don’t care about the aesthetics. Dunno. But I bet many brands do.

NRF 2017


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