Projects: IKEA’s New Sheffield Store Includes Tidy Digital Menu And Promo System

October 10, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is the tidy set of menu displays IKEA has at its food service counter in the newly opened store in Sheffield, UK.

The displays were put in by Beaver Group and run that solutions provider’s “” software, which I THINK is a front-end gateway with Scala under the hood.

Continuing the nationwide rollout with IKEA, Beaver Group have provided display solutions across the store for the restaurant, bistro and showroom. Projectors are used in the Living Rooms to show the modular furniture solutions and touchscreens are available in the Kitchen to explore the range of options available.

All the digital signage is managed via – with users at the store and in the Service Office able to check content with Real View and make instant changes when needed.

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